📱- “instant connections”

- Tap, share, and connect! Linx tags make swapping contact info, social profiles, and event invites as easy as a high-five.

🌟- “be the envy of your friends“

Show off your tech-savvy side and impress your friends by seamlessly sharing your latest playlists, photos, or social media profiles with just a tap.

🎉 - “elevate your parties”

- Hosting a gathering? Linx tags can transform your party into a memorable event. Share playlists, event details, and more with a simple tap on your guests' phones.

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From our customers


My new favourite app!

Never seen an app like it! Very easy to use and set up. Not a massive social media user myself but having Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook ready to share in 1 by the touch of the tag is amazing. My new favourite app for sure!

Looking forward to seeing this grow even more.

Jedc123!, 21/09/2021

Couldn’t be without it!

This app is truly next level, I love being able to connect with people with one simple tap. So convenient having all your socials in one place, makes sharing much simpler. Easy to navigate and the app looks great too 👍

LauraD71, 06/04/2022

You must download

This is the future of social media the quicker you download the better. This app is amazing everyone will love it when you go somewhere and scan this they will want to get it so be the first.

Ewan Dodds, 20/04/2023

Download now!

Very easy to set up, takes just a few moments! So much easier being able to give all your details with just a tap, very convenient! Would defo recommend

jordan0372937483, 06/04/2022

This app has taken networking to the next level

Linxx is truly a game changer, it’s changed the way I interact with people and it’s made connecting with new people a whole lot easier! Networking will never be the same ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Chi-K.O, 05/04/2022

Great networking tool!

The linx app makes networking socially and professionally a lot easier, having all of my links connected easily to 1 place make connecting with people much easier. 10/10 bit of kit

Joeeedr, 05/04/2022

The future of networking 🔥

The simple yet clever way so connect to people, easy to connect with everyone and the app is easy to navigate, great and easy to connect all your socials 👌🏻🔥

Lukiss96, 07/04/2022

Networking gold

This is perfect and works smoothly! Definitely recommend

nashezzz, 28/04/2022


I’ve never seen anything like this!! It’s changed the way I network at my music events

Mathias Skye, 11/04/2022