Frequently Asked Questions

Linx is a sophisticated social tool designed to seamlessly connect people across every major platform with a simple tap of your phone to the Linx tag. 

Now that you've got your Linx Tech here's

How to Set Up

Before you start!

If you have purchased a Linx tag DO NOT stick it on the back of your phone before you have connected it!

Step 1: Download the Linxngo App

The Linx app can be downloaded from all major app providers including the App Store&Google Play Store.

Step 2: Link your Linx Tag

1. open the 'Scan' page on your app.

2. Select 'Write Tag'. Use your phones NFC reader and place it on the Linx Tag.

3. Select 'Read Tag' and repeat the same. A browser page will open with your Linx Profile. (If not, try again).

Step 3: Connect your socials

1. Select greyed out social.

2. Enter username for the chosen social. (some apps might require a profile link).

3. Refresh your Linxngo app. Start sharing.

Step 4: Make Friends

I really don't know what you were expecting from this drop down.

For those of you who simply require more...

Further Questions

What Is Linx?

Linxngo is an advanced new networking tool allowing the seamless connection of business and/or social information by tapping your phone on a Linx product.

Where can I download the Linxngo App?

The Linx app can be downloaded from all major app providers including the App Store & Google Play Store.

How do I connect with another user?

Connecting couldn't be easier. With permission, simply tap another users tag with your phones NFC reader (hold just 3 seconds). Click the notifactions and it will open the users browser page.

How does Linx work?

It's easy!

Download the Linxngo app and connect it with your Linx tag. programme your social profiles by following the simple in app instructions.

When you meet another user and want to connect. Allow them to tap your tag, sharing whichever socials you decide. They can only see what you decide they can see.

Will Linxngo work on my phone?

Linx uses NFC technology, which is commonly found in most smartphones. If your device is an Apple Iphone 7 or a more recent version, you will be able to use Linxngo.

Androids as well as windows phones will also be able to use the Linxngo app.